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(Fumitory family)


About 530 species in 17 genera are found in northern (especially warm) temperate regions, a few on mountains of eastern and southern Africa (Mabberley 1997). Some authorities prefer to subsume members of this family within the Papaveraceae (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group 2003).

Fumaria (fumitory) was mentioned as a remedy for ingrowing eyelashes by Dioscorides in the First Century A.D. (Gerarde 1636).

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Dicentra spectabilis Lemaire
[syn. Fumaria spectabilis L.]
Bleeding Heart

A male greenhouse worker, aged 19 years, developed dermatitis of the hands, forearms and neck. A second attack followed re-exposure to this plant. Patch tests with the pulverised leaves were positive: negative with the pulverised leaves of primrose, chrysanthemum, begonia, geranium and aster. Patch tests with an alcoholic solution of an ether extract of the plant were also positive. Control tests were not recorded (Harville 1933).

Fumaria officinalis L.
Common Fumitory, Drug Fumitory, Earth Smoke, Fumewort, Gebräuchlicher Erdrauch, Gemeiner Erdrauch, Fumée de Terre, Fumeterre Officinale

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Richard J. Schmidt

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